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Chick Starter



Bawk Buffet Crunch

Introducing 'Bawk Buffet Crunch' – the farm-fresh chicken feed your flock will crave! Packed with all-natural goodness, including nutrient-rich darkling beetles, protein-packed black flies, and wholesome steam-rolled oats. Treat your chickens to a feast that keeps them healthy and happy!


Image by William Moreland

And Turkeys too.

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Spoiled Chic Box

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Introducing the NEW Spoiled Chic BOX! Packed with farm-fresh delights for your flock and you. Best-seller BUGS and Trail Mix, ever-changing goodies, and more. Valued over $60! Subscribe for NEW product samples and enjoy handcrafted treats. Free shipping, personalized notes, and a fresh experience every time. We adore creating these for you!

Farming Made Easy

Ready to elevate your farm's capabilities? Whether it's a Mini Compact Tractor or a Bobcat, we've got you covered. Rent by the day, week, or month – just drop us a message or give us a call for a competitive quote. We're dedicated to beating prices and boosting your farm's efficiency!

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