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Welcome to our Family-Owned Business

 We are a small 10 acre farm in the middle of no where with big dreams. We grow food for our big family and for the farmer markets. We love to inspire other small farms and people that want the same dream. Come follow our journey as we grow, have our share of struggles, and we have our proud moments to.


We put God first, pull up a seat for some campfire stories.

We try to answer questions, when we get a chance!


Terri Lynn

About Our Farm

We bought 10 acres up North and I found zen. Boy, I tell you the air is different than city air, I was in the middle of nowhere and I loved it! I was off-grid. Yes, ladies and gentlemen: NO phones, NO internet just me and nature. What NO phone! What if you hurt your self? I have a very big first ad kit, not scared to sew up someone, done that a few times.


To hear the birds sing like they are the only ones on the Earth and feel the wind blow between the pine needles to hear the trees whisper and watch the clouds race across the sky, my darling you have NOT lived. Flowers for miles and the stars at night!!!!! Millions in the sky. Campfire going, stories to be told, laughing and roasting marshmallows that you made. That's life folks.

  I want to share my story in hopes it will inspire someone to go forth with their dream that they may have sitting on the back burner like I did for many years. I recycle everything I can, my goal is zero waste with time, I burn what trash I can, I try to buy from a bulk store and I buy from thrift stores, I turn trash into treasure by painting and restore items. We make soap, and laundry soap also.
We also have 3 acres which have a gutted home we are rebuilding in hopes to have a bed and breakfast. Next to our 3 acres are some Fl. springs. Like the Ichetucknee Springs is literally walking distance.

Our goal is to rebuild it with what we find for free and what we don't we will buy. The goal is to save money but yet build our farm/bed and breakfast on a budget. I keep it smart NO animals yet, just a few chickens. I do want a llama, and a really big bird like an Emu please do not tell my husband. HA!

  I look for free wood in ads, groups and ask around for things that we could use in case someone is tossing out something we might use. Recycling can be your biggest tool and money saver. Why break the bank when you can build a homestead on a budget. Work with what you have and God will provide the rest. We check local sawmills, people that are building a home that is tossing out wood. You would be surprised at the great wood that you will find that can still be used for many projects, like chicken coops, barns, and raised garden beds.

Building a shed, and cutting hay it's great and all but if your not healthy you can NOT achieve anything you set out to do on the farm.

   I believe the food system can be dangerous and tampered with, but I am changing my part and you can change yours. Grow your own food, it takes bearly no space at all. I believe the food from the stores are hurting our bodies, and fast food you really don't know what they made the food with. I believe the change can start with you. I believe it can make you depressed, cancer, and other sicknesses over a period of time. After my mini-stroke, I lost 12 lbs in a little over 2 weeks just eating extremely healthy from food I grew. Now, if I would have applied walking I would have lost more however, the doctor said "no".

I hope, I inspired you with the journey of my small farm. Please come back around to see our growth, and stay for the campfire stories. We will have tips on how we do things, and stories and updates on what we build or grow. We sell seedling starters, we sell fruit, and jars of jelly.

We sell honey I am a beekeeper. "Oh! I love bees". We sell farmhouse decor and t-shirts!. . .Thanks for stopping by! Until we meet again.

Life is Short Make it Sweet 

Free Range Poultry Farm

 "Little by little my health started going downhill, not enough energy, high blood pressure, and migraines to where- . . . well, we are now at a mini-stroke. Not to mention weight gain. I always heard " well you turned 40", really how could that be it? No that's just an excuse. Its the food we put in our bodies, why would a number defined our health?. So I decided to go back to my roots. Making things from scratch, knowing what I put in my and my family's body.


I wanted to grow enough food so I could store it away in food storage, and feed my family, NOT trusting the stores for their "so-called" over price organic food. Did you know if you bring home garlic from the store and try to grow it, it will not grow? (In most cases.) Why you ask? Spout killer to make a longer shelf life. Do you want that in your body? I didn't and this bothered me.


This is what I needed to live a healthier life!"

Welcome To  Our Farm

Farm To Table

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