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Very Fine Cornmeal | 1 lb Bag

Organic Raw Roots Fine Grind Cornmeal: Culinary Excellence from Our Farm to Your Table


Dive into the authentic taste and impeccable texture of Organic Raw Roots' fine grind cornmeal. Distinctly processed for chefs and home cooks who value an ultra-smooth consistency, this cornmeal is a testament to time-honored culinary traditions.


Key Features:

  • Versatile Culinary Delight: Ideal for crafting creamy cornbreads, light corn muffins, airy cornmeal pancakes, and a diverse range of baked specialties. Its refined grind effortlessly melds into cookies, cakes, hush puppies, and spoonbread.

  • Sustainably Farmed in Fort White: Grown on our expansive 10-acre Organic Raw Roots Farm in Fort White, FL, and enriched by pristine Florida springs. Our dedication extends beyond our boundaries, supporting neighboring cities with top-quality produce.

  • Whole Grain Authenticity: Milled from organically grown whole grain yellow corn, our cornmeal promises a rich corn aroma and flavor that sets your dishes apart.

  • Naturally Pure: In line with Organic Raw Roots' ethos of natural and sustainable farming, our cornmeal is free from chemical additives and is purely crafted from de-germed yellow corn.

  • Sealed with Care: Every batch is freshly milled on our farm and packed with precision. To ensure you receive the freshest produce, we meticulously heat-seal each package.


Embrace the essence of Organic Raw Roots with our Fine Grind Cornmeal.


Thank you for choosing and supporting our Farm! 

Very Fine Cornmeal | 1 lb Bag

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Fine cornmeal
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