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6 Farm Fresh Eggs

Authentic Table Eggs from Organic Raw Roots Farm

Introducing our genuine Table Eggs, a testament to our dedication to responsible and sustainable farming practices on our ten-acre gem in Fort White, Florida.


Product Highlights:

  • Diverse Selection: Each pack comprises 6 eggs of distinct sizes and hues, showcasing the varied offerings from our diverse flock.

  • Pure and Nutritious: These are table eggs, meant for culinary delight and not for hatching. They're produced without the use of hormones or antibiotics, encapsulating nature's finest.

  • Local Delight: To maintain their freshness, these eggs are available exclusively for local pick-up.

  • Responsible Farming: Given Florida's rich wildlife, our birds - including over 100 chickens, alongside turkeys and peacocks of various ages - are housed in secure cages for their safety. This practice ensures they are protected, while also enabling us to maintain the consistent quality and volume of our produce. Rest assured, their well-being is always our top priority.

  • Daily Freshness: Our commitment to excellence drives us to gather eggs multiple times throughout the day. When you place an order, it's filled with eggs that are 1-2 days old, promising a level of freshness that's hard to find in traditional supermarket offerings.

  • Natural Preservation: We aim to deliver eggs in their most natural state. Therefore, they are dispatched unwashed. If an egg appears marginally soiled, it is delicately cleaned with a dry cloth, ensuring the preservation of the protective "bloom" - a natural layer that shields the egg from bacterial invasion and ensures extended freshness.


Note on Egg Longevity: Due to the protective "bloom" on our unwashed eggs, when refrigerated, they can retain their freshness for up to three months.


Opt for Organic Raw Roots Farm for an authentic farm-to-table experience, where integrity meets quality.

6 Farm Fresh Eggs

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