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Be my friend…. Feed the Crow starter kit

Let’s feed the crows! Comes with 1 lb of shell peanuts!

1 and half lbs of unshelled peanuts

8 oz of our clucker trail mix (yes crows love it)

3 oz of dried Darkling beetles

3 oz of black flies dried

2 oz of black sunflower seeds

1 feeding tray or plate to put every thing on! (You can pick or we just put what we have in stock in the box)

2 oz meal worms

3 oz corn blend

And 2 gifts what ever treat we have made that week!

Food is all natural and sage for the crows! Everything they love!

We feed our grows and get gifts in exchange! After so many feeding they will bring you gifts!

We will also have a box spoil the crows coming soon! A refill and it will be a buy me now or subscription! With the subscription you will get videos on how to come close friends with your new pal the crow!

Be my friend…. Feed the Crow starter kit

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