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Course Cornmeal | 1 lb Bag

Organic Raw Roots' Premium Coarse Grind Cornmeal: Freshly Milled Excellence

Relish the deep, genuine flavor of our coarse grind cornmeal, meticulously milled to perfection. Essential for every kitchen, this yellow cornmeal is crafted for those who have an appreciation for making memorable cornbreads, tortillas, muffins, hush puppies, spoonbread, and beyond.


Key Features:

  • Farm-Fresh Origin: Passionately grown on our 10-acre Organic Raw Roots Farm in Fort White, FL, our corn is enriched by the untouched waters of the Florida springs.

  • Whole Grain Promise: Derived from organically grown whole grain yellow corn, our cornmeal guarantees an unmistakable corn aroma and taste, making every dish a standout.

  • Uncompromised Purity: Upholding Organic Raw Roots' dedication to natural farming, our cornmeal is devoid of chemical additives and preservatives. With no added salt, it's exclusively produced from de-germed yellow corn.

  • Assured Freshness: Each package is freshly milled upon order, ensuring you experience the fullness of its flavor. We further pledge this freshness by heat-sealing every package, capturing the essence of newly milled cornmeal.

  • A Gesture of Gratitude: In recognition of your choice, each order is complemented with a special gift from us. Whether it's our artisanal goat milk soap, fine cornmeal, or sunflower seeds from our fields, it's our way of saying 'Thank You.'


Choose Organic Raw Roots for a cornmeal that embodies the spirit of our farm. Revel in the exceptional taste and quality with every scrumptious bite.

Course Cornmeal | 1 lb Bag

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Course Cornmeal
Course cornmeal
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