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Crickets & Sunshine Trail Mix

Crickets and Sunshine Trail Mix


Introducing our "Crickets and Sunshine Trail Mix"—a thoughtfully curated blend designed to echo the natural diet of chickens and turkeys. Harvested and assembled on our serene 10-acre farm, this mix offers an authentic touch of the wild to your beloved birds.


Key Features:

  • Net Weight: 2 oz sample bag. (Stay tuned for our upcoming larger packs!)
  • Premium Ingredients: A handpicked selection of spinach, dried strawberry bits, rose petals, and marigold.
  • All-Natural Composition: Free from added sugars, fillers, or artificial preservatives.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal for chickens, turkeys, and other small animals.
  • Wild-Inspired Mix: Our ingredients are inspired by the natural foraging habits of your pets, bringing a touch of the wilderness to their daily diet.


Serving Instructions: A tablespoon or two can be blended with their regular feed, offered with grass, or simply given as a delightful treat.


From Organic Raw Roots Farm to Your Coop:

Every product at Organic Raw Roots Farm speaks of our unwavering commitment to quality and the health of your pets. Trust in our "Crickets and Sunshine Trail Mix" to provide an enriching and natural snacking experience for your cherished birds.

Crickets & Sunshine Trail Mix

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