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Elderberry Syrup Kit

Organic Raw Roots Farm's Elderberry Syrup Preparation Kit: Harness the Power of Nature

At Organic Raw Roots Farm, nestled within our ten-acre sanctuary in Fort White, Florida, we are dedicated to bringing nature's best directly to your kitchen. Our Elderberry Syrup Preparation Kit is a testament to this dedication, brimming with the purest and freshest ingredients.


Product Highlights:


  • Farm-to-Table Authenticity: Each kit encompasses 2 cups of organic elderberries, painstakingly cultivated and harvested on our farm. These are paired with aromatic cinnamon sticks, zesty ginger (in candy or powder form), cloves, and the rejuvenating essence of turmeric powder.

  • Simple & Wholesome Preparation: We've taken the guesswork out for you by measuring and mixing the pristine ingredients. Just add water and your preference of raw honey or maple syrup to craft a luscious elderberry syrup. (Note: honey is not provided in the kit.)

  • Natural Elixir: Once prepared according to our exclusive email recipe, you'll have approximately 32 ounces of nature-infused, immune-enhancing elderberry syrup. It boasts a consistency reminiscent of a rich, refreshing juice.

  • A Token of Appreciation: Each purchase is accompanied by a complimentary gift from our farm, expressing our gratitude for choosing us.

  • Preservation of Purity: We ensure the vitality of the ingredients through our heat-sealed packaging, locking in the freshness and potency.


Dosage Guidelines:

  • Ages 12m-2 yrs: 1-2 tsp daily. When unwell: 2-4 tsp twice a day.
  • Ages 3 yrs to adults: 1 TB daily. When unwell: 2-4 TB twice a day.


Elderberries: Nature’s Pharmacy

Backed by scientific studies, elderberries have exhibited potential in battling flu, alleviating pain, and possibly aiding in conditions like cancer and diabetes. These small berries are a treasure trove of Vitamin C. Please remember, raw elderberries should always be boiled before consumption.



The Organic Raw Roots Farm Difference:

While many commercial Elderberry syrups may contain additives or synthetic flavorings, with our kit, you're embracing the genuine, undiluted essence of nature.


Safety First: For those who are pregnant, nursing, or under medication, consultation with a healthcare professional before use is paramount. Should you notice any adverse reactions, discontinue use and seek medical advice. This product is not recommended for those below 18 years of age. Always ensure the product's seal is intact upon purchase. Store away from children in a cool, dry spot.


With gratitude, we thank you for choosing Organic Raw Roots Farm. We encourage you to immerse yourself in research, understand the myriad benefits, and savor the healthful bounty our Elderberry Syrup Kit promises.

Elderberry Syrup Kit

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