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Support Local: Feed Our Farm Animals!

Support Local: Feed Our Farm Animals!


Are you eager to make a direct impact on our local farm? Now's your opportunity! By purchasing a snack or a bag of food for just $3.00, you play a crucial role in sustaining our farm and ensuring our animals are well-fed and happy.



  • Directly Support: Make a tangible difference by treating our animals to their favorite snacks.
  • Stay Connected: Upon your snack purchase, we're pleased to send you a photo or video of our animals enjoying their treat, creating a memorable connection between you and our farm.
  • Animal Favorites: Our animals have a penchant for delicious treats like popcorn, corn, watermelon, and more.


By supporting our initiative or even by choosing local products, you contribute to the thriving ecosystem of local farms. We deeply appreciate your generosity and commitment to our community.


Remember to follow our journey and our animals on TikTok, Instagram, and all our social media channels!

Support Local: Feed Our Farm Animals!

Price Options
One-time purchase
Come feed us a snack
We love snacks
$3.00every month until canceled
Feed us
Come feed us a Snack
$2.00every week until canceled
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