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Fresh Pea Flakes | 3 oz (Resealable Bag)

Green Pea Flakes: A Nutritional Boost from Farm to Dish

Elevate your pet's mealtime with our freshly harvested Green Pea Flakes. Sourced directly from our farm, these pea flakes serve as a nutrient-rich addition to any pet's diet.


Key Features:

  • Digestible: The flattening process breaks down the pea's texture, ensuring ease of digestion.
  • Nutrient Dense: Rich in essential minerals, amino acids, and particularly lysine.
  • Versatile Usage: Ideal as a treat or seamlessly blended into your pet's daily feed.
  • Diverse Application: Suitable for small animals like Chinchillas, Prairie Dogs, Guinea Pigs, Sugar Gliders, Degus, Skunks, Backyard Chickens, Rabbits, and more.
  • Dietary Variety: Breaks the monotony of regular diets, offering a refreshing change.
  • Training & Bonding: Can be utilized as a reward during training sessions or to strengthen the bond between pets and owners.



  • Size: 3 oz. 
  • Ingredients: Pure green peas.


Packaging: Our Green Pea Flakes come in a heat-sealed, resealable bag ensuring freshness. While we take the utmost care in packaging, please note that due to their delicate nature, pea flakes can be prone to breakage. We ensure that they are handled with care and packaged meticulously to minimize this.


Experience the pure, nutritional goodness of our farm's offerings and enhance your pet's diet today!

Fresh Pea Flakes | 3 oz (Resealable Bag)

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