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Heifer Hand-Painted Ladies T-Shirt

"Farm Life" Hand-Painted Ladies' Cow Shirt

Embrace the beauty of countryside living with our exclusive hand-painted shirts. This elegant white shirt for ladies features a charming cow design, playfully holding a daisy in its mouth, epitomizing the serene and joyful moments of farm life.


Product Highlights:

  • Artistic Craftsmanship: Meticulously painted by hand and enhanced with screen-printed ink, every shirt is a unique creation with subtle variations that attest to its handmade nature.
  • Detailed Design: The shirt's front showcases our delightful cow, while the back is adorned with a delicate flower. A subtle "farm life" quote adds the finishing touch, capturing the essence of pastoral serenity.
  • Availability: While we craft each shirt to order ensuring attention to detail, we also maintain a select inventory of popular sizes for immediate dispatch.


Wearing our "Farm Life" shirt is more than a style statement – it's an embrace of the simple and beautiful moments that rural life offers. Thank you for supporting local Farmers & Artists. 

Heifer Hand-Painted Ladies T-Shirt

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