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Loco Cluckers Trail Mix | 9 oz Bag

Loco Cluckers Trail Mix | Premium 9 Oz Bag

Discover the transformative power of our Loco Cluckers Trail Mix, designed to enhance egg production, deliver brighter yolks, and enrich the overall taste of the eggs.


Notable Benefits:

  • Enhanced Egg Quality: This blend aims to produce eggs with harder shells and a rich, vibrant orange yolk, reminiscent of a farm-fresh egg.
  • Seasonal Support: The inclusion of chili peppers provides health benefits to hens, ensuring consistent egg production even during colder winter months.
  • Farm-Fresh Ingredients: Packed with chili peppers, worms, black flies, oats, seeds, sunflower seeds, wheat, grit, barley, and dried mealworms. Every ingredient, primarily grown on our farm, reflects our commitment to quality.


Our Guarantee: Our flock's preference dictates our mix. If they don't love it, we refine it until it's flock-approved, ensuring what you get has been tested and cherished.


Sizes & Subscription:

  • Sample: A 2 oz size available in our sample box.
  • Subscription: An exclusive 9 oz bag in our upcoming "Spoil Chic Subscription Box" launching this fall.


Natural & Nutritious:

  • NON-GMO: Formulated with Non-GMO corn, adding vibrant color to allure your birds.
  • 100% Natural: No artificial colors or flavors.
  • Versatility: Perfect for chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, or game birds. Especially beneficial for mature birds, offering vital energy.
  • Health Benefits: Cholesterol-free, devoid of MSG & trans fats.


Feeding Instructions: Maintain a regular feeding regimen and ensure access to fresh, clean water at all times.


Storage: Being a perishable product, it's essential to store in a cool, dry place, protected from rodents and insects.


Safety First: Avoid feeding any product showing signs of spoilage, mold, or any abnormal appearance or odor, as it can lead to potential health risks.


A Token of Appreciation: Every order is accompanied by sample products from our range, a gesture of gratitude for your trust in us.

Loco Cluckers Trail Mix | 9 oz Bag

  • Sorry because of covid we do NOT take refunds! If you are NOT happy we can work something out please let us know! Thanks 

    Team Oragnic Raw Roots Farm

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