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Premium Meal Worms | 3 oz Bag

Premium Dried Mealworms 3 oz Bag from Organic Raw Roots Farm



Elevate the nutritional intake of your cherished pets with our premium Dried Mealworms, cultivated with precision and care on Organic Raw Roots Farm. Harvested from our 10-acre haven, these mealworms offer an extraordinary source of protein and essential nutrients to bolster the well-being of various animals.


Key Features:

  • High Protein Content: Constituting 53% of their food value, our dried mealworms are a powerhouse of protein. They provide an essential boost during harsh winters and promote healthy reproduction in spring.
  • Versatile Usage: Perfect for an array of pets including chickens, bluebirds, sparrows, robins, budgies, turtles, hedgehogs, hamsters, and more.
  • Extended Shelf Life: Our specialized quick-drying process ensures the mealworms remain fresh and nutritious for up to 12 months when stored in a cool, dry place—no refrigeration needed.
  • Natural Goodness: Dehydrated yet still rich in natural oils, proteins, and vitamins. Our mealworms are free of preservatives and additives, offering a pure and wholesome treat.
  • Convenient & Versatile: Ideal for those who can't store live mealworms due to climatic conditions or other constraints. These can be offered straight, mixed with other foods, or even integrated into suet cakes.


Key Benefits:

  • Energy Booster: With a nutrient profile boasting 50% protein and 25% fat, they're a prime energy source for your pets.
  • Natural Flavor: Quick-drying locks in the authentic flavor, ensuring your pets relish every bite.


From Our Farm to Your Home:

At Organic Raw Roots Farm, every product is a testament to our commitment to purity, quality, and the well-being of your pets. Nestled in our 10-acre sanctuary, we ensure that every mealworm is raised under optimal conditions, promising superior quality and nutrition.


For a treat that your pets will truly cherish, choose the natural goodness of our Dried Mealworms.

Premium Meal Worms | 3 oz Bag

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