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Timothy Grass Seed Head Treats & Planting Seeds | 1st Cutting "High-Fiber"

Timothy Grass Seed Head Treats & Planting Seeds - 1st Cutting "High Fiber"


Introducing our premium Timothy Grass Seed Head Treats, meticulously harvested from the fields of our family-owned 10-acre farm. Perfectly suited as a delectable treat for small animals or as seeds for planting, these seed heads embody the essence of our farm's dedication to quality.


Key Features:

  • Weight: 10 grams of pristine seed heads.
  • Pure & Organic: Cultivated without any chemicals, pesticides, or artificial sprays. Sun-kissed and nurtured with Florida's natural sunshine.
  • Natural Water Source: We hydrate our crops using the pure spring waters flowing beneath our farm.
  • Hand-Selected: Each seed head is hand-picked, ensuring only the finest for your pets.
  • Nutritional Profile: Low in protein but rich in fiber and energy, making it easily digestible. Especially beneficial for rabbits and other small animals to mitigate urinary and obesity issues.


Key Benefits:

  • Versatility: Ideal treats for rabbits, guinea pigs, and even baby chicks. They also serve as excellent seeds for planting.
  • Dietary Recommendation: Serve in moderation. While they're enticing treats, they should be given sparingly, no more than a few pieces at a time.


Additional Information:

  • Packaging: All Timothy Hay and its packaging are proudly made in the USA. Our packaging is also adorned with a hand-stamped seal of quality.
  • Subscription Box: These treats are also available in our curated subscription boxes.


A Word from Our Farm:

At Organic Raw Roots Farm, we are more than just a business. We are a close-knit family that holds a deep passion for farming and the well-being of animals. Our commitment is to provide only the best, and we take immense pride in our farm-to-door approach. If for any reason you're not satisfied, please reach out to us.


Your trust is paramount, and we're here to ensure an exceptional experience.


Made and grown with love, right here in the USA.

Timothy Grass Seed Head Treats & Planting Seeds | 1st Cutting "High-Fiber"

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