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Support Local: "Watch me Grow Up"

"Watch Me Grow Up" Subscription: From Chic to Sassy Chicken

Introducing "Sia" - a starlet from our Hollywood Cluckers collection at Organic Raw Roots Farm. At just three weeks old, Sia is a delightful White Crested Polish Bantam Hen. As she matures, her physique will showcase a stark black body complemented by a pristine white crest, earning her the playful nickname "Gwen Stefani" among our staff.


Why Sponsor Sia?

  • Personal Journey: By sponsoring Sia, you're not just donating; you're joining her on a heartwarming journey. Watch her evolve, from a tiny chick to a sassy hen, through regular updates and photographs.

  • Meaningful Impact: Your contributions directly support the wellbeing of our farm animals, ensuring they receive nutritious food, comfortable shelter, and timely veterinary care.

  • Monthly Moments: Relish in the joy of receiving a vibrant portrait of Sia each month, capturing her growth and antics. Along with the photo, we'll keep you updated through emails or texts about her progress and life on the farm. Experience the delight of farm animal selfies and personalized letters!

  • Gift Options: If you'd prefer to contribute in kind, we have a wishlist of essential items that greatly benefit our animals. Explore our "How to Help" page for more details.


The Difference You Make:

Becoming an animal sponsor is more than a gesture; it's a commitment to kindness, compassion, and a sustainable future for all creatures on our farm. Your support plays a pivotal role in our mission, allowing us to uphold the highest standards of care for our beloved animals.


Our Promise: Besides the sheer joy of watching Sia flourish, there's an added benefit: a heart filled with the contentment of making a difference. In today's socially-distanced world, connecting with nature and animals is a therapeutic distraction. As we always say, "It's not just charity; it's chicken math." Join us in this beautiful endeavor.

Support Local: "Watch me Grow Up"

Price Options
One-time purchase
Chic to Chicken
Watch me grow up
$10.00every month until canceled
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